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In MultiWii it is possible to configure your multicopter settings.

Configuration guide


Sensor Calibration

Before you fly your rc model for the first time please take time to calibrate sensors.


Configuration tools

There are different options to configure your multiwii flight controller:

TX sticks combo

MultiWii functionality are accessible via combinations of the TX sticks.

The latest overview of supported stick combinations for mode 1 and mode 2 TX can be found on the sources repository.

For mode 3 TX users an adapted 2.2 version is available at diydrones

It comes as a pdf Document and can be printed and folded to match the size of a credit card.

MultiWii GUI

There is a dedicated page that described the MultiWii GUI


It is possible to attach one of the Supported_Displays panel for field adjustment of PID values LCD_Configuration_Menu without the need for a PC. Stick movements are used to change values, while the LCD shows the variable being changed and by how much. Furthermore the display can be used to display live LCD_Telemetry data.


Another option for field configuration without a PC is to use an Android smartphone and a Bluetooth module. The module connects to the TTL port pins as the LCD does, but uses all four pins since the communication is bi-directional in this case with the board.

Note: You cannot have both the BT module and FTDI active at the same time. Use one or the other at a time.


MultiWii WinGUI is a .NET based configuration and Ground Control Station interface designed for multiwii.

It offers a richer user experience by sacrificing multi platform capabilities.