LCD Telemetry

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Telemetry is meant to monitor system values (battery level, loop time etc. with attached display. The information is divided in pages``.

   //#define LCD_TELEMETRY

Available pages for two line displays are

  • 1 tilt angles and max. current (Amperes)
  • 2 Battery voltage and actual current (Amperes)
  • 3 cycle time and min.&max. cycle time
  • 4 gyro&acc values
  • 5 number of failsafe events, i2c errors and annex overruns
  • 6 Roll Pitch Throt values
  • 7 GPS coordinates and status info
  • F free memory
  • R reset some values and clear display
  • 0 display update off

Available pages for multiline displays are

  • 1 Battery voltage, actual current (Amperes), max. current (Amperes), flight time, height, active checkboxes
  • 2 gyro&acc values
  • 3 checkboxes and modes
  • 4 RX input values
  • 5 outputs - motor and servo values
  • 7 GPS coordinates and status info
  • 9 diagnostics: number of failsafe events, i2c errors, annex overruns, cycle times, debug[] values
  • F free memory
  • R reset some values and clear display
  • 0 display update off

To actually see the telemetry info, enable one or both of the following

It is possible to enable automatic hopping (about every 2 seconds) between a choice of telemetry pages. This may be useful if your LCD has no buttons or the sending is broken. Hopping is activated and deactivated in unarmed mode with throttle=low & roll=left & pitch=forward. Set the string to the sequence of telemetry pages you want to see

   //#define LCD_TELEMETRY_AUTO "123452679" // pages 1 to 9 in ascending order
   //#define LCD_TELEMETRY_AUTO  "212232425262729" // strong emphasis on page 2

Manual stepping through a predefined sequence of pages; requires stick input (throttle=low & roll=right & pitch=forward) to step through each defined telemetry page. The first page of the sequence gets loaded at startup to allow non-interactive activation.

   //#define LCD_TELEMETRY_STEP "0123456789" // should contain a 0 to allow switching off. First page of sequence gets loaded upon startup

If program gets too large, need to exclude some functionality uncomment to suppress some unwanted telemetry pages (only useful if telemetry is enabled) */