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  • Download the current version from
  • Unzip the file
  • Open the config folder
  • If you have windows choose the "Windows" folder and run the .exe file

Current issue

  • Some computers have lag spikes
  • Checkboxes sometimes won't turn on or off


Ground Control Station for a typical Quadropter setup


Communications Panel

  • V201: Displays the current version of the firmware on the board (When connected).
  • SAVE: Save the current config to a file on disk.
  • LOAD: Load the config from file.
  • PORT COM: Select the COM port to use, to connect to the MultiWii over USB / FTDI.

Parameters / Settings

Parameters Panel

  • PID Settings: Set the Global and Altitude PID.
  • Expo Settings: Set the Expo and Rate settings for Throttle, or Pitch/Roll
  • Calibration: Allows you to set the Magnetometer and Accelerometer calibration from the GCS.
  • Read/Write: Reads/Writes the settings to/from the board.
  • Feature Grid: Allows you to tie specific Flight Modes or sensors to Tx channels. To set a mode to "Always On", check all three boxes for that mode (Low, Medium and High).

Sensors / Debug

Sensors/Debug Panel


Sensors/OutputSignal Panel


Sensors/Input Signal Panel


Sensors/Visualization Panel