RC rates & expo

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  • want to fly cool and be able to do fast flips sometimes =>PID pitch/roll rate
  • want a very nervous multi in all circumstances => RC rate
  • you have also the RC expo acting as a third parameter.

RC expo

defines a smoother zone at the center of PITC and ROLL RC stick. With this function, it’s possible to have both a good precision and a good amplitude.

  • 0 = no expo
  • 1 = full expo

RC rate

RC rate: defines the sensibility of the multicopter for PITCH and ROLL RC stick. If you feel your multi too reactive, decrease it. If you want to improve its responsiveness, increase this parameter.

The RC RATE was introduced specially for Warthox, The purpose is just to be able increase the rotation rate in a linearly way.

PID pitch/roll rate

It was introduced because the looping and flips were way to slow with default settings. The principle is to decrease to correction of the PID controler when the sick is far from the center. This way, the rotation rate is less constrained when the sticks are not centered

with a value of 1, you will have the maximum possible rotation rate and the ability to do multiple flips per seconds. It acts as a "super expo", and you it doesn't change the accuracy near the center.