Calibration Accelerometer

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The accelerometer is used to maintain a horizontal leveled position when doing nothing with the pitch & roll sticks. It is used when the Stable mode is engaged


explain how to position the acc, foam isolation , vibration issue ..


Follow these steps to do a proper calibration:

  1. Place your MULTI on a flat leveled surface.
  2. Connect your MULTI to your Multiwii GUI.
  3. Press the calib_mag button in your Multiwii GUI to start the calibration.
  4. Wait a few secounds. Do not move your copter during this.
  5. Check your sensors directions.


you will have to use the TX stick combo

  1. Give full throttle (must be >1900)
  2. With the help of your roll and pitch stick you could now trim the ACC mode.
    1. full PITCH forward/backward and full ROLL left/right (2 axis possibilities) will trim the level mode according to the neutral angle you want to change.
    2. The status LED will blink to confirm each ticks.

So for instance, you have to move the pitch stick full forward about 4-5x. That means from neutral to full and back to neutral, 4-5 times. You will here the buzzer each time beep and see the led each time blink, when move full forward. The same for the roll axis.

If you want to reset the ACC trims, just perfom ACC calibration Once you have it trimmed do not calibrate acc again as you will loose the stick trim settings

Accelerometer sensor axis direction

How the accelerometer sensor axis directions should be:

TILT the MULTI to the RIGHT (left side up):

  • ACC_ROLL goes up.
  • ACC_Z goes down.

TILT the MULTI forward (tail up):

  • ACC_PITCH goes up.
  • ACC_Z goes down.

LEVEL the MULTI (flat placed):

  • ACC_Z is positive.