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This is a partial list of possibles modifications to the MultiWii code.

Warning : Do not use any modifications without knowing what you are doing. Use at own risk and follow the relevant discussions on the forum to learn more about these.


this is for the upcoming and unstablized features

  • Another way to fix the barometer. More info here [1]
  • Sonar sensor integration and sensor fusion with Baro/Compass. More info here [2] and here [3]

  • GPS navigation
    • GPS integration (2.2): [4]
    • Upcoming (2.3+) changes in nav code: [5]
    • I2C-GPS-NAV offload shield (2.1/2.2+) [6]

Unofficial modifications


mwc-ng for more structural design. Supports AVR, STM32F1 and STM32F3 and others.

STM8 8-bit



STM32 32-bit


Harakiri (Baseflight Fork)

CleanFlight (BaseFlight Fork)

Third Party

mavLink/QGroundControl connectivity for multiwii

WinGUI - .NET based configuration and ground control station interface

Mwi-swing - Java Swing for multiwii

Android MultiWii Configuration

MultiWii EZ-GUI (Android)

Naze32/Multiwii Configurator

Naze32/mwii BT Configurator

MultiWii BT Remote