The code involved in this project is released under the GPL v3.
This means that everyone is free to use it or modify it to add new functionalities.
Everyone is free to implement the code in a specific hardware and use it without any agreement for every purpose (commercial or not). I think it’s the best way to encourage creativity and to spread the developments.
We now see of lot of initiatives over the world and I’m quite proud of this situation.

If you want to support this project or just want to encourage the previous and further developments, feel free to click on this link 😉

I will add below your name and/or a link of your choice, except if you explicitly don’t want to be mentioned here.

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Lance (AlienWii)
Paul Bake
Jussi Hermansen
Quinton Marais
Paul (Witespy)
Eric Nantel – DiaLFonZo
Rob Keij
Bo Jonsson
Harpreet Singh
Norbert Machinek
Stéphane Duvoisin
Matthew Muirhead
Bostjan Vidmar
Artur (Rurek)
Johannes Viegener
Billy (cass3825)
B Miller (bob4432)
Andras Schaffer
Mike Evans
Robert Berean
Warren Matheson
Joachim Pollok
Cornelis Blokland
Massimo Mambretti
Sanjaya Kumar
Cam McKenzie
GoPro Drones
Sebastian Kayser
Oscar Bertrand
Rihards Barkans
Gregory Lambert
Bill Albrant
Brent Seline
Eugene Robinson
Luca Brizzi
Christoph Albiez
Olaf Schalling
Stepan Huzlik
Quadcopter Forum
Vasilyev Vsevolod
Steve Parker
Yves Dubois
David Hogg
Gert-Jan Brink
UndCon (Niclas)
Luciano Zanchi
Jürgen Krüger
Olivier Wolfrath
Fredric Yngveson
Luis Sismeiro
Tomasz Galek
Yves Auger (GGTRONIC)
Bill Speers
Tomaz Vavpetic
Uros Capuder
Helmut Janßen
Wilco Hijink
Rémy Semidei
David Norman
Sebastian Jensen
Amorn Panitsuk
Franck Higuet
Richard Pouncy
Sven Böhm
Dejan Vrtacnik
Arnd Rußmann
Daniel Iordanov
Michael Collins
Marco ter Beest
Christoph Witte
Frank Toorenburg
Filippos Tigarakis
J.S.M vd Tillaart
Andrea Tagliapietra
Cedric Bodecot
Olugbenga Ogunbusola
David Wilks
Giuseppe Urso