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There're a bunch of types available for building a multicopter. here are a few tips :

  • More engines means more power, more lift,more time in the air. the downside is "more batteries" required.
  • Brushless electrics like to run slow (lower RPMs), so bigger means more efficient.
  • if efficiency is your goal, coaxial = evil.


  • Cheapest
  • least stable and hard to tune
  • least robust
  • less lifting power
  • No engine out capability.


  • Cheap
  • least stable and hard to tune
  • least robust
  • less lifting power
  • No engine out capability.
  • Dualcopter YouTube


  • Cheap, easy to build
  • least stable
  • not as robust (tail servo and mechanics)
  • low lifting power and flight time (because the motors have to run faster to hold it all in the air)
  • No engine out capability.

Y4, Quad +, Quad X

  • Mechanically simpler than tris
  • While they weigh almost the same they have about 1/3 more lift than tris
  • they are usually more stable (no servo issues) and are capable of staying airborne for a little while longer (they can either lift larger batteries or fly more economically because the weight is spread across 4 motors and not just 3).
  • Still no engine out capability. If it fails, it goes down.
  • less yaw authority than tris


  • is a mix between a quad and a tri
  • the front motors are at 120° and the two rear motors are an V tail
  • same as quad and y4
  • with more yaw authority

Y6, HEX6 Plus, HEX6 X

  • All the good things that quads have, plus more power and more lifting capability.
  • As a bonus they add limited engine out capability
    • a hexacopter can lose any single engine and still land (it will lose yaw control though),
    • if it loses one or both engines on the neutral torque bar it could even continue flying unaffected.
  • Downside is that they are larger and a little pricier.

OCTO8 X, OCTO flat +, OCTO flat X

The octocopter is what you fly if you need horsepower and reliability in one package

  • All the good things from hexacopters
  • Loses any single one and still flies fine : true engine out ability.
  • Downside heavy craft are really power hungry



when associated with an accelerometer, MultiWii is able to drive 2 servos for PITCH and ROLL gimbal system adjustment the gimbal can also be ajdusted via 2 RC channels in PassThrough mode



Supports Helicopters with 120 & 90 swash.



Airplane supports three modes:

Flying Wing

useful for either FLying Wing or delta kind of plane or for partial control surface support on typical aircraft.

Supports control for :

  • one motor (throttle signal is passed through)
  • two servos for control surfaces acting as elevons.

Flying Wing supports three modes: