Using Multiwii with TI MSP430 microcontroller

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Using Multiwii with TI MSP430 microcontroller

Postby seven » Sun Dec 18, 2016 11:49 am

Dear all,

At first, I am newbie. Therefore I just wandirng if it is possible to use Multiwii with the MSP-430 of texas instruments (+ some IMU obviously). I mean if someone in the forum was able to use it with this hardware configuration.

I think that in teory, all the code (sketch .ino, .cpp, etc.) could be imported on Energia IDE (that is the same of Arduino IDE) and uploaded selecting the proper taget board, in this case the MSP-430.

I think that might be possible as long as I modify some lib (if there's) and part of the code. So, I just want to collect opinions from people that use this software almost every day like you :D

Thanks in advance :mrgreen:
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