issue with gyro calibration?

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issue with gyro calibration?

Post by Wipo »

I have HK nanowii board with an mpu6050 imu sensor.

I noticed that the gyro yaw value is constant "1" in GUI (or 8 for raw 16 bit value) when the board is horizontal and not moving at all.
This causes the calculated heading to increase at a rate of 1 degree per second. Because the board thinks its turning (yaw) it will try to compensate it by changing motor speeds. this is faulty behaviour due to incorrect yaw value.

In the calibratingG (sensor.cpp) section after "gyroZero[axis]=g[axis]>>9;" I added this code "if (axis==2){gyroZero[axis]+=8;}"

this increases my gyro yaw offset (calibration) value with 8 causing the yaw value to be 0 in the GUI and the heading to not change when the board is not moving.

So why is the gyro yaw calibration not working correctly? (It seems that it is only the yaw value that has this problem.)
Do other poeple noticed this behaviour?

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