Is it something wrong with r190?

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Is it something wrong with r190?

Post by alpkosar »

i have a very stable 1.7 firmware quadx, paris board with wii gyro+acc. i upload r190 to board nothing happens justs beeps. Than i returned 1.7. but this time board stays at acro. I check acc&gyro from gui and they seem alright. all soldering are good. mode channel is fine and recognized by gui. there is no physical damage after all. but i am stuck with acro. all i want is stable mode for alltime. What happened to my quad and is there any code line to make it all time stable mode? thanx guys in advance

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Re: Is it something wrong with r190?

Post by miniquad »

There used to be a configurable parameter in the code to hard code the stable mode for 4ch receivers. I do not see it anymore. Try modifying the following variable as follows and check if that works. Please make sure your accelerometer is properly detected and working, or the stable mode will not work. The following change will basically make the stable mode hard coded to enable.

static uint8_t accMode = 1; //0 means stable mode off, 1 means stable mode on.

I have not tested it though.

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Re: Is it something wrong with r190?

Post by Alexinparis »

You can enable permanently the stable mode by checking all the white boxes in the level mode GUI.
(Even if you have only 4 channels)

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