MultiWii v1.6 released

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MultiWii v1.6 released

Post by Alexinparis »

I think it's time to release the version 1.6

list of differences with the 1.5

- MIDRC in a #define configuration : allow to choose another stick center position for specific TX

- Free Flight IMU integrated, designed by Jussi (see specific rcgroups topic). Front orientation = Y arrow
- Gyro ITG3200 integration : note this version uses a different I2C address of the sparkfun breakout ITG3200 board
the ITG3200 replaces the WMP once the #define line is uncommented. Can be used as a single sensor if needed.
- Acc BMP180: thanks to the code of Opie, but I changed the orientation to match FFIMU
it works fine and is activated with mode selection.
- Magnetometer HMC5843: for the moment integrated for visualization purpose only in the GUI. works only for inclination<25deg
- Baro BMP085: it acts as a celling and is activated with mode selection.
Not well implemented for the moment, big jump. To deactivate it, it's possible to comment the #define line

- pullups are now de activated by default, there is a #define INTERNAL_I2C_PULLUPS to activate them.
the de activation of pullups is mandatory for a FFIMU direct connection with no LLC

- support of the following ACCs: BMA180, BMA020, ADXL345. Thanks to the contribution of mgros, opie11 and Point65

- GUI: new buttons to indicate the presence of sensors.

- bug corrected (thanks to Bo): in some case with a WMP + annex ACC,
WMP data was interpreted as NK data yaw jump correction modification (less present)

- remove old way to init motor and calibrate. No more full throttle fear.

- corrected: PIN5&6 switch bug for HEX6 and Y6

- Arduino MEGA integration
thanks to the work initiated by Mariano,
I completed it to be be fully compatible with Arduino MEGA boards (all configs and options).
With MEGA boards like seeeduino,
it's possible to have some config impossible to have with a pro mini: Y6+standard receiver+tilt servos

it's just a #define to switch
#define PROMINI or #define MEGA //Arduino type

The PIN assignment for RC&motors is compatible with Aeroquad shield mega 2.x

PIN for MEGA board, not definitive, Jussi is preparing a shield with a different PIN mapping

PPM_SUM 19 (now separated from RC_THROTTLE assignment)
RC_ROLL 63 (=A9)
RC_PITCH 64 (=A10)
RC_YAW 65 (=A11)
RC_MODE 66 (=A12)
RC_AUX(not used) 67 (=A13)
RC_7(not used) 68 (=A14)
RC_8(not used) 69 (=A15)
I2C SDA 20
I2C SCL 21
FRONTMOTORPIN 2 (on 328p was 3) = servo for tricopter
REARMOTORPIN 3 (on 328p was 9)
RIGHTMOTORPIN 5 (on 328p was 10)
LEFTMOTORPIN 6 (on 328p was 11)
Y6RIGHT(HEXFRONT) 7 (on 328p was 6)
Y6LEFT(HEXREAR) 8 (on 328p was 5)

- a bug seen by Mariano in stable mode (sqrt on a negative number) is corrected

- TILT ROLL&PITCH is now compatible with TRICOPTER configuration

- anti gyro glitch : I re introduced a limitation between 2 reads as it seemed to be more stable. Info from Point65.

- RC rate can be extended to 5. With this option, we should see a more linear response on pitch/roll sticks for very acrobatic setups.

- on quadris we can notice some “yaw jumps” when the yaw is suddenly stopped.
There is now a function to smooth the stop.
If you don't like it just remove the line axisPID[YAW] = constrain(axisPID[YAW],-100-abs(rcCommand[YAW]),+100+abs(rcCommand[YAW]));

- sketch: I added an “advanced users settings” part with a description of some more tunning possibilities.

- If a ACC is present (Nunchuk or other I2C), you won't be able to arm the motors until you do a proper ACC calibration manually.
If the calibration is not done or if the multi is too much inclinated, the status LED will slowly blink every 1s.

The code is on the googlecode repository

This code is as usual compatible with everything developed before ;)
including the very low cost setup: WMP only + promini + standard 4ch receiver
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Re: MultiWii v1.6 released

Post by mgros »


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Re: MultiWii v1.6 released

Post by captaingeek »

Alex this is great news!!! Congrats to all! Lets celebrate by posting pics here.

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Re: MultiWii v1.6 released

Post by Point65 »

Merci!!! Time to rerun the ACC-tests. :geek:

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Re: MultiWii v1.6 released

Post by spagoziak »

Really good graph lines on this new version, can't wait to fly the darn thing. It's -2 F outside right now though lol :!:

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Re: MultiWii v1.6 released

Post by Nosepo »

Good work Alex... I will testit in my hexa and will post a report.

Thank you,

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Re: MultiWii v1.6 released

Post by wland »

Nice job Alex! Thanks again for your efforts.
Where is V1.6?

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Re: MultiWii v1.6 released

Post by spagoziak »

wland wrote:Nice job Alex! Thanks again for your efforts.
Where is V1.6?

Find them all here! ... svn%2Ftags

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Re: MultiWii v1.6 released

Post by gompf »

Thank you! Works great!

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