Question about analogWrite() and pin 2

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Question about analogWrite() and pin 2

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I'm trying to build a quadrocopter and to write my own Arduino program to control it. For this project the code and the ideas of the MultiWii have been a great help. But right now I'm kind of stuck.
I'm using the 8mhz version of the Arduino pro mini (and therefore all the clock rates are only half as fast) and trying to control my ESCs (HobbyKing SS Series) via PWM (pins 3,5,6 and 9). On pins 5 and 6 this works fine (they have a refresh rate of 1000/2=500Hz), but on pins 3 and 9 I get weird results (maybe because of the clock rate 500/2=250Hz). However changing this rate is not an option as it would affect also the timers I need for SPI communication and other stuff.

But looking at the MultiWii-Code I noticed, that it also uses analogWrite() on pin 2 (which is no "native" PWM pin) (In the Code "MOTOR_ORDER" is defined as 3,5,6,2,7,8 and later it says "uint8_t PWM_PIN[6] = {MOTOR_ORDER}; and analogWrite(PWM_PIN[i], ...); )

Now I'm asking myself how this is possible, is there some kind of secret trick?

PS: Sorry for the bad English, I'm not a native speaker...

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Re: Question about analogWrite() and pin 2

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analogWrite on PIN 2 in only used for mega boards.
on this board, this PIN can be an hardware PWM output

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