Arduino/MultiWii 1.7 is loosing settings

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Arduino/MultiWii 1.7 is loosing settings

Post by TR2N »

Hello everybody,

i have a really weird problem with my configuration settings. I am running the MultiWii-software version 1.7 on a "Arduino Pro Mini". Nunchuck and WMP are connected proberbly. Every two/three flights with my Quad(P) the Arduino(?) loses its settings (PID and YAW Rate values). So i have to connect it to my rig and have to reconfigure the settings in the MultiWiiConf-software.

Is it possible that the reason for that is a bug in the 1.7 version?

Thank you for any hint you have for me!


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Re: Arduino/MultiWii 1.7 is loosing settings

Post by aapee73 »


I have a same kinds of problem, but with development version dev20110607 and it's loose some (not all) PID settings in every power-off cycle. Software version 1.7 works perfectly, so i think hardware is OK.
Have anyone else this kinds of problems?


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Re: Arduino/MultiWii 1.7 is loosing settings

Post by MadEmY »

I've the same problem too.

Every 3 or 4 flights I loose the settings, and the ACC/MAG/BARO switch doesn't work anymore untill I reconfigure all parameter(PID, Flight modes, etc etc)...

Any idea??


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Re: Arduino/MultiWii 1.7 is loosing settings

Post by captaingeek »

sounds like its getting corrupted some how. careful when plugging it into the computer. Check all grounds, and make sure that you don't disturb it when read / writting to the unit.

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