3-Axis Gimbal ?

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3-Axis Gimbal ?

Post by sandmen »

I have seen the option, to use multiwii as a Gimbal stabilisation system :)
But I think it's only for 2-Axis!
Is that correct?
Maybe someone give me a hint, how to integrate the 3Axis?
Or anyone knowing a project, for a 3-Axis Gimbal stabilisation?

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Re: 3-Axis Gimbal ?

Post by Quadraf »

Stabilisation is always on 2 axis (is 3D). The third axis is not stabilised because it is used for turning the camera in the horizontal plane (panning). If you have a spare channel and (mostly 360 degree) servo you wil have your third axis without using muliwii. ;)

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Re: 3-Axis Gimbal ?

Post by frogstarb »

There is some automation possible on the 3rd axis, though I wouldn't call it stabilization per se; If you have a known distance to an object you are targeting (filming) you can keep the camera always pointing in its direction. MW doesn't support this, but if/when I get to that stage I'll certainly try to cook something up.

A practical example would be a flag on o pole. If you were to circle it you could, in theory, keep the camera pointing to the flag at all times. Without proper location sensing, however, you would be a bit limited and unless you where to keep the copter on the border of an imaginary sphere around the subject you would probably loose track of where it was easily. Not an easy feat but certainly something you could do with a 3 axis "stabilized" gymbal.

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Re: 3-Axis Gimbal ?

Post by psionic001 »

First post... :D

I would have expected the pan stabilisation to be mainly controlled by the gyro, followed by the Mag.

Would it be difficult to blend both of them together and have a mag gain to increase or decrease the influence the mag has on the gyro.



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