PIN assignment for MEGA

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PIN assignment for MEGA

Postby Alexinparis » Sat Jan 22, 2011 11:37 am

Nothing is definitive for the moment.
I think it could be a good idea to keep the Aeroquad disposition for motor and RX management, because it would be easier to have a ready to plug shield and vice versa once the FFIMU will be ready ;)

My first suggestion on the dev version 1.prebis6 was:

PPM_SUM 19 (optional and now separated from RC_THROTTLE assignment)
RC_ROLL 63 (=A9)
RC_PITCH 64 (=A10)
RC_YAW 65 (=A11)
RC_MODE 66 (=A12)
RC_AUX(not used) 67 (=A13)
RC_7(not used) 68 (=A14)
RC_8(not used) 69 (=A15)

I2C SDA 20
I2C SCL 21

FRONTMOTORPIN 2 (on 328p was 3) = servo for tricopter
REARMOTORPIN 3 (on 328p was 9)
RIGHTMOTORPIN 5 (on 328p was 10)
LEFTMOTORPIN 6 (on 328p was 11)
Y6RIGHT(HEXFRONT) 7 (on 328p was 6)
Y6LEFT(HEXREAR) 8 (on 328p was 5)



- I'm not sure to keep the servo on analog PIN A0/A1, they could be interesting for other analog sensors (multiple proximity sensors maybe)
- I'm not sure to keep status and power PIN and D13/D12 because these PINs can be used to drive more motors via PWM.

There are also many other digital PINs for what we want.
Mariano suggested a stable mode status PIN

I will edit this post with decision and suggestion
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Re: PIN assignment for MEGA

Postby mgros » Sat Jan 22, 2011 1:29 pm

I've tested servos in A0 and A1 PIN and it's woks OK. You are a MASTER in timers i never thought that was possible to use Analogic PIN as PWM

But as you said in a future we will need this analogic IN.

I think we need some standarization

AeroQuad use as LED pins 4,13 and 31.
APM use LED in the Mux RC part not compatible with Multiwii
I've choose 31 PIN for Buzzer because it's esy to find it in MEGA board but we can move to other PIN

In my opinion we should free PWM pins and use digital pins fron 22 to 54 to LEDs BUZZER, etc
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