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Hi there,

I am new to this.

I have been running AMD64 on my linux boxes for quite a number of years.

I wonder if we can also include the 64 bit version of share libraries in the zip files. Currently I pointed them to my own installation but sometimes I could not find the same version. It is a hit and miss. Even though java is supposed to be platform independant but the so's are not.

Besides that my USB serial converter (built from an ATtiny2313) cannot handle 11520 baud reliably. It has ran out of flash and ram space so that I cannot add buffering and flow control. It would be nice if MultiWiiConf would support a command line or env variable for changing the baud rate from the hardcoded value of 11520. Currently I have to recompile MultiWiiConf from the jars to make it work with my serial converter. Otherwise I have to wait for another 2 weeks for a hardware serial converter.


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