build MultiWiiConf on macos 11.7 (and win10) in 2023

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build MultiWiiConf on macos 11.7 (and win10) in 2023

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I have seen requests to get a working MultiWiiConf on a more recent macos. I just had to do a rebuild myself.

a) get or update appropriate driver for the usb-serial interface - good verification is to build and upload MultiWii 2.4 to the FC with the arduino IDE app.
b) get MultiWiiConf.pde (the source) from github
c) get or reinstall 2.2.1 - it is ancient but good enough
d) get and install library controlP5 2.0.4 - it is ancient but just right for this source
dd) on win10 install /downgrade to Java version 8 (hints to bypass oracle can be found on github) - it was not neccessary on my macos instance
e) compile and run MultiWiiConf.pde in - if it lists the usb-serial interface and you can connect, then you are good.
f) export as from to have a standalone app for future use.

last step f) did not work for me on win10 but step e) is good enough for the few occasions

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