QuadX (Arduino Yun) controlled from laptop via WiFi

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QuadX (Arduino Yun) controlled from laptop via WiFi

Post by belverde »

Hello !

I am building my first QuadX prototype and even though there are simpler solutions and with greater wireless coverage,
I would like to use WiFi on Arduino Yun to control my quadcopter from my laptop.

Reading the instruction on http://www.multiwii.com and I then created the following logic diagram:

PS1 gamepad


WiFi (AR9331)
Arduino Yun
ATmega 32u4


From top, I want to control the quadcopter with PS1 gamepad (with USB converter) connected to my laptop. Laptop reach Arduino Yun via WiFi.
Within Arduino Yun the information can be passed from AR9331 (Linino) to ATmega 32u4 and finally to ESC/Motors/Props.

I found an interesting tutorial on http://www.multiwii.be/multiwiijoystick, but that was on Bluetooth module and I need on Arduino Yun.
I would like to understand the parameters to be changed in the Multiwii configuration files to channel the info via WiFi then AR9331/ATmega32u4 console.
(what it is peculiar is that I don't need extra module on Arduino because WiFi is built-in)

In other words, the question are:

(1) how can I use Multiwii GUI over WiFi (Arduino Yun) instead of serial communication (COM) ?

(2) how can I pass the pitch/roll/yaw/throttle commands from my laptop (gamepad but keyboard should be the same) to Arduino Yun over WiFi tuning Multiwii software ?

I read lots of forum and google it as well, but if I missed a post where this is explained, thanks for sharing with me ;-)



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Re: QuadX (Arduino Yun) controlled from laptop via WiFi

Post by Wipo »

1 & 2) by default NOT.
- you would need to change the Multiwii GUI source code so it can use UDP/TCP protocol.
- or you should find some kind of TCP/IP virtual com port driver that you can install on your laptop/pc.

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Re: QuadX (Arduino Yun) controlled from laptop via WiFi

Post by james123 »

Hey Belverde,
Cool post, looks like a really interesting project, did you ever manage to get it running in the end? i was hoping of doing something similar

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