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Arduino UNO R3 or FC

Posted: Thu Jan 26, 2017 10:33 pm
by aquilaray
Hello guys, I am new to this forum and also new to building drones.
This is my first drone, it is for a school project and I tried programming it myself with arduino.
It crashed a lot... Now is my question, can I use my Arduino UNO R3 and MPU6050 with Multiwii or do I need more modules or even a flight controller?
Will it work with just these 2 components?

And also do I need a RX and TX or could I control the drone from my phone if I install a bluetooth module, if so; which?

Thanks in advance!

Re: Arduino UNO R3 or FC

Posted: Sat Jan 28, 2017 8:37 pm
by PatrikE
The two components is enough for building a flight controller.
It's easier to use a commercial FC though.
I started at the time hacking MWii controller was the only way to go.
Most of my fails during flying have been those Fc's failing, Soldered cables vibrating off and similar issues.

A ready FC also have all connectors ready to plug and fly.

Re: Arduino UNO R3 or FC

Posted: Tue Mar 14, 2017 1:18 pm
by wastevenson
All of my first several flight controllers were home-built using Atmega microcontrollers and/or Arduino boards with gyros, barometers, GPS, etc. But they're big. Especially my Mega. I started pissing around getting them smaller by etching my own PCBs but it was quite labour intensive, and a huge waste of time after drilling all my holes, to find something went wrong and I would have to start over.

Best thing you can do, is just go with a Naze32 Rev6. Cost-wise, they're pretty much the same (or in a lot of cases, cheaper) than doing your own, and have a more up-to-date Microcontroller (32bit).

As you can see from how slow the forums are here, people have moved away from the DIY as the alternatives are much better right now.

Re: Arduino UNO R3 or FC

Posted: Thu Aug 22, 2019 11:34 pm
by wastevenson
Eating my words now as those cheap Naze32s are no longer supported (Betaflight) and the STM32F4 development boards found for around $10 can be used for a 450 Quad and is smaller than the 2560 Mega I used to fly with.

Re: Arduino UNO R3 or FC

Posted: Wed Nov 27, 2019 4:46 am
by Pedro14755
I agree that it is a lot of work to make your own FC but it is one of the most rewarding experiences you will ever have in our fantastic hobby. To start with a pile of components and a PCB and end up with a working FC running MultiWii or BetaFlight is the best.

I wouldn't attempt to home etch a board of this complexity seeing as it would only end up being too big IMO and the pitch of the ATmega32U4 at 0.5mm is pretty fine. Much better to get some made at somewhere like OSH Park in the US. Three boards for an extremely reasonable price and back to you in around three weeks.

This first project was a board file that I did in Eagle CAD from an open source release of the AlienWii Narrow Classic brushed board back in 2016 https://community.micro-motor-warehouse ... fc/178/692

I have since done some STM32F3 and F4 designs too that run BetaFlight and also brushless designs running a boutique firmware called SilverWare. My advice is give it a go and if anyone requires some design files for 8 or 32bit flight controllers just contact me through this group and I will be happy to pass the files along and offer any advice or assistance that is required Pedro