Issue with CRIUS AIO Pro Multiwii

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Issue with CRIUS AIO Pro Multiwii

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Hello folks,

I have a problem with Crrius AIO board. The thing is that when i first tried to setup the board everything was working perfectly. However when i connected the ESC's and the power multiwii stopped working. More specifically i was unable to arm the motors, so i decided to configure it again. First i tried to clear eeprom, but i got this error: "verification error; content mismatch". Then i decided to upload the code again, but when i launched the multiwiiconf it was not responding.

**Currently i'm using mac and Multiwii 2.4
** Also my system can't detect the BN and SN:
BN: Unknown board
SN: Upload any sketch to obtain it
** My Settings inside arduino IDE:
Board: Arduino/Genuino mega or mega 2560
processor: Atmega2560 (Mega 2560)

PS. Please somebody help me.. I'm trying to build the drone for almost 4 months, so i really need your help to finish my project )))

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