Need GPS Help!

Need GPS Help!

Postby SkySpaghetti » Fri Nov 27, 2015 3:47 am

Hello all,
I have a MW Mega Pro 2 board from running MW2.4 on my Tricopter build. I'm trying to hook up an MTK 3329 GPS module (R-15e) that I had laying around.
(Similar to this system ... ouse_.html)

I'm able to get the GPS hooked up to the board and I can see data is being exchanged but I'm not able to get any satellite fixes. I was able to once, when I first hooked it up, but I restarted the system and now nothing.

I've checked the GPS using the MiniGPS program and an FTDI adapter. Its set for 115200 Baud and NEMA. This is mirrored in the Config.h file but I just can't get any satellites to connect....

Any ideas??

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Re: Need GPS Help!

Postby Kbev5709 » Fri Nov 27, 2015 2:48 pm

Try leaving the serial port speed at 115200, then set your GPS baud at 57600. The GPS baud will overrule the port speed. It mentions right in the GPS baud speed statement not to exceed 57600. Make sure RX wire goes to TX and TX to RX. With the MTK you have to initialize first then run only NMEA. Try uploading the confi.h with both the Initialize statement enabled as well as the NMEA statement. Then go disable just the Initialize statement leaving the NMEA functional. Upload again. Your GPS won't work right after a fresh upload until you re-calibrate BOTH the ACC and the mag. If the unit won't initialize with both statements enabled, try enabling them one at a time starting with the Initialize. Did you re-calibrate the ACC and mag after the last upload? Try that first because everything else might be ok if you didn't do that.
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