choosing a GPS for my 328p

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choosing a GPS for my 328p

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Hello, I'm petty new to the whole multi rotor world, and I'm making a list of parts to buy. But I'm a little stuck in selecting a GPS for my multiwii 328p ( ). I've searched here and there, but I'm still not sure on what to chose.
Is this GPS:
In any way compatible with the flight controller? And do i understand correctly that the GPS module have a built in I2C bridge?

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Re: choosing a GPS for my 328p

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Ideally you want the fastest output GPS you can get...

With the 328p you'll be limited to the basic set of GPS functionality, ie position hold and return to home. The memory of the 328p being the limitation here.

You can opt to use the I2C GPS board to connect the GPS, this is a good option if you want the serial port of the multiwii kept free for something like bluetooth or OSD comms. The other option is to connect the GPS serial to the multiwii directly, in which case you don't need the I2C gps board. With this option you won't be able to use the serial port for anything else...

Hope that helps...

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