Bluetooth connectivity problems

Bluetooth connectivity problems

Postby Cbronson » Sun Sep 06, 2015 1:59 pm

Hi guys , first day first post. Im gonna try to be as specific as possible let me know if you need more info.

I am using The Flip32+ (V2.5_Rev7.) with CleanFlight. I purchased with it the bluetooth module(bt_board V1.2). I have the bluetooth connected to the fcb correctly( I think) and can even get the module to power up and the Naze32 configurator (android app) to connect to the module but thats as far as i get. I can get no reading from the board to see what the sensors are reading.
So , my question is whats my next step? Is the baud rate wrong on one of the devices? do i need to buy/make a usb device to connect the bluetooth to my computer and change the baud rate via arduino?
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Re: Bluetooth connectivity problems

Postby Lecostarius » Sun Sep 06, 2015 9:35 pm

I am not completely sure, but I guess you should post any Naze32 related question in the 32bit threads and not here. Chances are smaller that ppl in the 8bit section have much to say about the Naze32.
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