problem with MultiWii PRO Flight controller (Atmega2560)

problem with MultiWii PRO Flight controller (Atmega2560)

Postby Raikard » Sat Aug 08, 2015 3:47 pm

Hi everybody, i'm a new entry of this community!
2 years ago i have started the construction of my quadcopter with this board, and after many, many problems with the motors and the lack of time i have finished my quad.
i have flashed the multiwii 2.3 software and after all the check i has tried to take-off the quad.
at the begin all ok, the motors are correctely armed and at low rpm they turned fine, then i have increased the throttle but before the take off, the motors suddenly shut off.
now when i turn on the board and i try to arm the motors i haven't any response..
someone can tell me what could have happened?
ps: the led1 and the led2 still blinking..
sorry for my bad english, thank you!
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