Arduino MEGA2560, BK2421, STM8S005K6T6C quadcopter

Arduino MEGA2560, BK2421, STM8S005K6T6C quadcopter

Postby AceJuice » Sun Jun 28, 2015 3:43 pm

Hi guys, i'm "trying" to use the stuff i have lying aroud at home to make this toy quadcopter fly...

the toy quadcopter is a "Lishitoys aircraft X" or better call it "LS6039R" because of the codename printed on the main board.
It has an STM8S005K6T6C 8bit microcontroller and an MPU6050 3 axis gyro.
the red sockets are for the LEDs, while all the soldering points named from M1 to M4 are for the motors.
for the communication i have a set of BK2421 TX/RX radios, one directly soldered on the main board of the quad, the other is salvaged from the original handset, it is currently on my arduino MEGA2560 and it is connected as how this guy does in his post on hackster.
Also for the project i have a simple laptop and an xbox one controller.

I want to be able to control the quadcopter with my xbox one controller like this:
xbox one controller>laptop>arduino>bk2421>bk2421>main board>motors and leds.
I tried the code and library of the HCD with no luck, maybe because i'm running on an arduino mega or because the microcontroller on the other side doesn't work in the same way.
i can't eavesdrop any communication because the handset has been practically fried when i managed to replace the standard potentiometers with the arduino in the simple way.
i already wrote with some help the code needed for the controller, it uses the proCONTROLL library and runs with processing 2 and java so there i'm fine, i will only need to make some adaptations ecc..


1:Magically learn what's in the STM8S005K6T6C and send it the right data to controll the quad.
2:Go fancy with some custom multiwii code and get also accessibility to the MPU6050 gyro, this may need to upgrade the radios in my opinion, also i will need to learn how to upload the new code to the microcontroller.

I've never worked with hexadecimal stuff and i saw plenty on the hackster post so i'll need some extra help to make things work if it will be needed.


Thanks for help ;D
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