New to FPV

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New to FPV

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I want to start flying FPV, there are so many types and brands and don't know what to choose... I live in belguim and fly a 2.4ghz fasst futaba. i think the best way is 5.8ghz (by law).
500mW will be enough for me. can someone give me more advice wich brand i should choose? I also want to add telemetry later... I use an multiwii pro 2.0 controller... i want to buy everyting in a set if possible...

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Re: New to FPV

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This is really the wrong forum to discuss FPV.
Try the FPVLAB forum and then read the beginners 'sticky' in the FAQ sub-forum. This will answer all your questions.

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You should check the local laws for permitted power levels 25mW is a pretty common 5.8GHz limit in Europe.

Power levels are less important than a good quality antenna pair.

Each time you double tx the output this may give you a 20% to 25% improvement but that will leave you with multi path (ghosting) problems etc.

Good tuned antennas will give a huge range improvement without increasing the output power of the tx

You will get much info over at FPVLab

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