Minimosd voltage not displaying

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hydro psyche
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Minimosd voltage not displaying

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I'm at my wits end with this minimosd...I just got done building out my mini FPV quad and testing the minimosd shows no voltage displaying. The voltage field displays on the OSD, but it's at 0. I have a hot lead from the power harness going to bat2 on the minim, and of course a ground from the harness to ground on the board. I have this working on another quad running a Multiwii FC, the one with the issue is running a naze board, but I don't think either matters since the voltage is being read directly by the it just late and I'm missing something obvious? this is the last pain point i need to work through before I can get airborne. thanks

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Re: Minimosd voltage not displaying

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Which minimOSD board? The one from Whitespy?
Is it this same board that is working on another quad?
Is the Vbat measurement enabled in the GUI?

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