New Board: CJMCU2 brushed quadcopter

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New Board: CJMCU2 brushed quadcopter

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Hi all,
CJMCU is a nice quadcopter for brushed motors, which has the integrated control board in the structure.
But, after experiencing some issues with CJMCU boards buyed from GLB, we was looking for a better brushed board to run Multiwii/Cleanflight
CJMCU2 is an alternate version of this board with a free and open source license.
Our goal is to be 100% compatible with existing CJMCU firmware. Main improvements are the connections to NRF24L01 and ESP8266 wireless chips, since the objective is also to control indoor quads by wireless network connected to a computer.

From an schematic that circulates through the network, originally found in the forums of, we have designed an alternative PCB and made some changes.

Eliminated the integrated (TP4056), switch and battery charging circuit (saving weight and cost, charging with external charger).
Now the plate has 4 M2 holes to add extensions easily.
Removed pins from the boot jumper. (Less weight, you can keep updating manually).
Inserted battery protection circuit.
SPI port for connecting a NRF24L01 SMD radiofrequency module.
Serial port to connect an ESP8266 Wifi module.
Replaced oscillator by SMD quartz crystal (less weight).
SDA and SCL are now through hole.
Changed the 3 to 2-pin Power switch. (Reduce weight).


Documentation of CJMCU2 is available here.

Any help, collaboration or comment will be appreciated!!

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