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Why my Clone NAZE32 runs faster?

Posted: Fri Nov 27, 2015 5:59 pm
by kyubot
Hello everyone, first topic here.
I personally design a quadcopter and tried to clone NAZE32 to fit my specific design.
I have some experiences working with STM32 uC and have developed some project out of it.
So I started with cloning rev5(with 12mhz crystal) board and the board finally came to me.

Here's the process I have done
Serial ports --- works fine
Flashing fw with BOOT0 high --- works just fine.
When powered up, two leds alternating blinks a few times then one blinking led --- Looks fine
Connecting to Baseflight or Cleanflight --- no connection

Tried almost every fw that works with rev5 but still no connection.

One thing weird though, one LED blinks a little faster than original working rev5 board. :oops:
when measured with oscilloscope,
500ms interval from original vs ~330ms interval for clone ---- which looks like 12 to 8

It looks as if my clone NAZE works about 1.5 times faster than normal operation.

I used ABM8G-12.000MHZ-4Y-T3 as crystal input for my clone board.

Does anyone can give me a hint for solving this problem? Going to 8Mhz crystal will work? then how come the original rev5 board works just fine with 12mhz crystal?
Thanks in advance.

Re: Why my Clone NAZE32 runs faster?

Posted: Tue Dec 01, 2015 2:14 am
by kyubot
I uploaded a video about this issue.
Problem solved simply by removing the 12mHz crystal and running with internal resonator.
I should have put 8mHz crystal instead.
I still wonder how rev5 board can run normally with 12mHz crystal.