Qbrain not arming motors

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Qbrain not arming motors

Post by tarnation »

Q Brain 4x20 won't arm, says the throttle is not in the lowest position even tho it's all the way to the bottom. The multiwii 328p is set as follows:
define minthrottle 1100
define maxthrottle 2000
define mincommand 1000
define mincheck 1100
define maxcheck 1900
Is there something else I can check?
Any help before I toss the Q would be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Qbrain not arming motors

Post by Kbev5709 »

Do you have your TX properly centered using endpoints and subtrim? I set my q brains minthrottle to 1000 and mincommand to 950 and they work great. Toss it my way if you decide to just toss it :D

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