32bit Atmel SAM D21 (Arduino Zero)

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32bit Atmel SAM D21 (Arduino Zero)

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It looks like Arduino has a new 32Bit board out called the "Zero" http://www.arduino.cc/en/Main/ArduinoBoardZero. It is based on a new 32bit ARM MCU by Atmel called the SAM D21 (http://www.atmel.com/images/atmel-42181 ... asheet.pdf). I haven't seen any indications of a "Pro Mini" equivalent yet but seeing as MW was able to be ported to the larger Arduino Due, I wonder if this version might be more suitable to the current state of MultiWii development. As the prospect of a fully DIY flight controller was one of the things that drew me to MultiWii in the first place, a 32bit Arduino "Mini" would make this much more palatable than programming an STM32 from scratch.
Any thoughts?

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Re: 32bit Atmel SAM D21 (Arduino Zero)

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I agree that's a great idea. Arduino being so easy to code and popular was the whole point of what helped this project become so popular. It's why the Arduino still is popular.

The point of using Arduino for its easy coding language and simple IDE started to get lost after version (1.7). Would be nice to see some of the development move back to the Arduino side of things now that they have much more powerful 32 bit boards that don't require all of the 8 bit shortcuts anymore.

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