New setup trying to roll over

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New setup trying to roll over

Post by Paul44000 »

I have just built my first hexacopter and now trying it out. The multiwii config is pretty basic, with type set to Hex6X and board to
Crius v2. I have set the esc's and done the acc and mag calibration. However when I came to try to get it off the ground for the first time to set level hovering it immediately tried to flip over. Fortunately I had tethered the arms so it failed. When I checked in multiwiiconf, as I opened the throttle only the front right, rear right and left sped up, hence why the board attempted to flip. If I put the rudder hard over, the other three motors would speed up and the original three slow down, almost as if the copter wanted to fly upside down. I have tried reloading the sketch and resetting the acc and mag several times, but no change. Clearly I have done something monumentally stupid in the setup, but I cannot see what. Could some kind person point me in the right direction please.

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Re: New setup trying to roll over

Post by PatrikE »

Hi Paul.

Most likely you have motors wrong connected.
If the copter tilt left the left motors should increase to compensate.
If left/Right motors is "reversed" it will increase on right side and cause a quick flip.

A tip.
Remove props and hold the copter in the hand when you ARM and check if the correct motors compensate.
The rudder act's like that 3 motors increase and 3 decrease to create a rotation.

Good luck.

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