MacOS Mojave MultiwiiConf file

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MacOS Mojave MultiwiiConf file

Post by zelenkoa »

Hey everybody, figuring out Multiwii SE 0.2 Arduino most probably uploading config.h sketch correctly(not sure how to check this step), but when it comes ti GUI original GUI downloaded with all Multiwii files required JDK6 which is not avaliable on MacOS Mojave, reading through forums find out app called processing, GUI of Multiwii Config somehow working but now im stacked with ports, if anyone had the same problem could you please help me to figure it out

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Re: MacOS Mojave MultiwiiConf file

Post by Archit »

This is a very outdated problem .Anyways I'll give you two choices,
1.Download the processing ide and compile the multiwii config source code ,here's instructions: ... on-macos-x
2.(Easy and mostly chosen one)Download the latest compiled multiwii config from here: ...

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