Sensor in the Center Of Gravity? MAG interference woes

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Sensor in the Center Of Gravity? MAG interference woes

Postby zviratko » Sun Oct 30, 2011 10:50 am

how important is it to have sensors in the centre of gravity? It is mentioned in the FAQ that the closer ACC is to the CG, the better, but that is usually where the battery sits and my magnetometer doesn't like this - and since this is an allinone board, there is no way for me to move individual sensors.

So what is the best way around this? I can move the whole sensor stick to the nose of the quad, but that is not really the centre of gravity, or I can disable magnetometer (I don't really need it now). I previously put a block of hard foam beneath the stick, taking it away from battery, but that introduces new vibrations. Or is there a convenient way to shield the sensor? How do various frames cope with this, because battery almost always sits just a few layers from the sensors or breakout sensor board...

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