Crius AIO Pro V2.x Flight Controller Gotcha's

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Crius AIO Pro V2.x Flight Controller Gotcha's

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I'm posting my experiences with this board in the hopes it can be of benefit to other owners.


This board has some gotcha's that can cause headaches or even grief if you're very unlucky.

1. The Under-voltage Syndrum

Thank's to forum member Brewski I was warned before attempting any flights with my Quad.

One of the problems with this board is that not sufficient voltage is being supplied to the components.
This is e.g. due to on-board safety features when having the USB port active whilst also having your main power source connected. To protect the circuits schottky diodes are used. These diodes drop voltage at approx. 300mv.
If you connect 5V to the board you'll be actually reading around 4.7V when measuring the plus pins. The main processor e.g. needs 4.5V min! In-flight reboots are almost a certainty when the Quad is put under stress!

I decided to purchase a Turnigy UBEC that outputs 5.1V hopping it might be enough to compensate. I measured 5.22V at UBEC output. On the Crius board I measured 4.87V at any 5V supply pins. I wasn't satisfied.

I then came across UBES's specifically designed for APM flight controllers. These modules output 5.4V.

This is the one I purchased (it comes unassembled):

Here the Turnigy for comparison:

The new module outputs 5.4V. Measurements on the Crius FC plus pins now show 5.0V. I will now feel confident when flying my Quad :)

This is how I mounted mine:

Up next: The PPM Trap...

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