Cannot connect to MultiWiiConf_2_1 GUI

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Cannot connect to MultiWiiConf_2_1 GUI

Post by Biggins »

Everything is ready to go for my hex with the "Multiwii and Megapirate AIO Flight Controller", however I am not confident flying until I can calibrate the sensors. My problem is, the MultiWii software is not recognizing my hex.
When I connect via usb, I get no readings, and I do not get the diagram in the bottom right showing my copter.

Screen Shot 2014-03-19 at 6.02.18 PM.png

I am using Windows XP 32 bit (the screenshot is from my mac, but it is the same as I get on the pc, except for the list of com ports)
I've been using com port 4 (this is the same port I used with Arduino to upload the ArduCopter software to the board)
I've tried connecting with, and without the battery plugged in, all my ESCs are connected, as is the receiver.

Please help! I've been searching the internet for answers for the past 4 days, and I'm stuck. I JUST WANNA FLY!

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Cannot connect to MultiWiiConf_2_1 GUI

Post by Wipo »

So you uploaded the DIY Arducopter Firmware to your FC board and then you try to connect to it with the Multiwii configuration tool??

If you upload DIY Arducopter firmware to your FC then use the DIY Mission planner application.
If you upload Multiwii firmware to your FC then use the Multiwii conf application.

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