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Getting started

Post by Fixmann »

Am new to multicopters, but a little into programming avr.
I was thinking of buying one of these ... em35bbe763

Is there a software ready for this board so i can use as a startingpoint in hexacoptercopter-configuration?
If so where can i find it.

Many thanks and best regards
Øyvind Rønnåbakk

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Re: Getting started

Post by Katch »

Yeah very good starting point - already well supported in the multiwii code.

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Re: Getting started

Post by hexjump »

Yes you can. But I don't trust its price - just 15$ to get all of those sensors. If you are in Europe try to get this perhaps: ... category=6

chris ables
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Re: Getting started

Post by chris ables »

yeah but look at the shipping price!

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