MultiWWI running on ATMEGA328 for plane with SONAR

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MultiWWI running on ATMEGA328 for plane with SONAR



I am looking to build a Hydrofoil catamaran
I have a simple RC with a PWM output that cannot use PPM without changing RC
I have stock of pro mini dev board with AT328 MCU and better use those for their small size.

For this project, it seems that plane mode should be the best as the project is very similar to a plane but I need also to use SONAR to control altitude over the water else the foil jump out of the water and the flight is not good.
I found out Hc SR04 code from here viewtopic.php?f=8&t=7850&p=68475&hilit=SONAR#p68475

But this uses pins 3 and 6 to drive the sonar explaining that this has to use an interrupt to drive the SONAR, and pin3 is already used for motor output control.

Is there a way to "move" the RUDDER (pin 3) output to a free pin ?
Else, as I am using a "standard basic RC receiver with PWM" is there a way to move throttle (pin2) to some free pin ?

At that time I have A2, A1 A0 A7 and A6 totally free (from my temporary schematics) or can change(remove) the lipo alarm on D8

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