Quad is jumping like yoyo

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Quad is jumping like yoyo

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I'm a new in quads, just load the 2.4 version with default PIDs.
When I push the throttle it starts to lift, but when I want to stop him lifting by lowering throttle, it goes down, to prevent hitting the ground I increase the throttle, it touches the ground and goes up, and the loop starts again.
So I can't stabilize it on some altitude.
It moves a lot ups and downs on my tries until I succeed to stabilize on some altitude, but even then it's not stay there more than several seconds.
All this happens with BARO alt hold off.
When the BARO alt hold is on - it holds a little bit more time, then descend slowly.
I have CRIUS AIO board with BARO sensor.

Any idea what is the problem ? PID ?

Playing with ALT PID in following manner: P=I=0, D is increased to 45 - several seconds stable flight on BARO hold, then lifts up. No changes in regular flight, still bouncing with too much or too low throttle, very hard to get it hold on some altitude.

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Re: Quad is jumping like yoyo

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Re: Quad is jumping like yoyo

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You can also apply some expo to the throttle stick on your transmitter to make the center area "bigger", so mid stick is smoother.

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Re: Quad is jumping like yoyo

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Try to uncomment Low pass filter 42Hz define in config.h.

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