data logging

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data logging

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I'm digging out an old Quadrino V3 that I want to use for some positional data tracking.

My board has a gps module and when I connect it to the multiwii program, I can see that everything is reading. There is a micro SD card slot on my gps module but it's limited in what it's logging.


I believe it's structured something like...

Millis | Unknown | Lat | Lon | Unknown

I'd love to also get some updated info in here, but I'm honestly not sure how. I downloaded the multiwii source code, but I don't see any options for what is logged.

I'd really love to capture:
GPS Alt | Lat | Lon | Speed | Sats | ACC-X | ACC-Y | ACC-Z | Gyro-X | Gyro-Y | Gyro-Z | Mag-X | Mag-Y | Mag-Z | Baro ALT | Mag - Heading

I'm not 100% where the second altitude comes from, I just assume it's the barometer, but then again I'm not 100% sure how the GPS is getting an altitude reading either, because I wasn't sure if GPS could give you an altitude. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can go about achieving this?

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Re: data logging

Post by PatrikE »


The logging is probably done internally on the GPS module.
And probably only GPS data is available.
MWii don't have any logging function for SD card.

If you want to log the data you mention you need to make a external logger module and poll the serial port and save it on the external SD Logger.
I have done a similar project a long time ago for a customer based on a Sparkfun OpenLog module.
It polls MWii for data and save it in a csv file on the SD card.


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