Software Serial GPS Connection

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Software Serial GPS Connection

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Hi Everyone I am new to the multiwii community but not with quads.

I am in the middle of building a small quad which I would like to have GPS functionality. I am using an arduino nano as a flight controller and have it hooked up with a raspberry pi via its one hardware serial port with a 3.3V-5V logic converter. I was wondering if it was possible to change my Neo-6M GPS 9600 BAUD with 1Hz rate to use a software serial port in the multiwii codebase. If not what other options do you recommend? If so how could I achieve this? I am not familiar with using software serial library and changing the Multiwii codebase to accommodate this change.

Thank you in advance!

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Re: Software Serial GPS Connection

Post by PatrikE »

I don't think you can connect gps via Soft serial.
You can use a I2C gps on it though.
Simply a Arduino reading GPS and acts like a I2C unit.
Then you can run the GPS at 57600 and 5hz

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