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Mini Drone multiwii+brushed+bluethooth

Posted: Sat Sep 24, 2016 1:39 pm
by bladan
Hi everyone,
I have a little drone toy bought 3\4 years ago, it was uncontrollable and of course I thrown it in my attic :P .
Few days ago i found it and i thought to bring it to life. I could use the frame, that is good, and the 4 little motors (dc brusced), changing only the control unit.
I could use a bluetooth module and a phone as controller, the motors are very weak so i can fly only at home... just for fun!
Now I just finished to assemble anything!

I just started now to using Multiwii, anyway this is my configuration:

#define QUADX
#define MINTHROTTLE 1050 // for brushed ESCs like ladybird
#define MAXTHROTTLE 2000
#define MINCOMMAND 1000
#define I2C_SPEED 100000L
#define LOOP_TIME 2800
#define EXT_MOTOR_4KHZ

I leave the rest as default

The old FC consist in the only motor driver ( 4 mosfet p type) and a gyroscope(yes, no microcontroller -.- ). I bypassed the gyroscope so i used the old driver motors .
The bluetooth module is HC05 (configurated using AT command).
The new FC is multiwii v3 SE.
here the scheme:


NOTE1: if you can't see the full image right click and open in a new tab
NOTE2: The driver that I used for motors is not the same in the scheme! I should have to update it!

I can connect the drone perfectly with bluetooth using EZ-GUI so I can see all sensors datas BUT i can't arm the motors! I tryed with tutorial on EZ-GUI site ( but nothing happen
any ideas?

Thank you!