Multiwii no response

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Multiwii no response

Post by bptrav11 »

I have connected and started the Multiwii using Windows 10. I am using an Arduino Nano. The interface screen sees the com port but does not do anything! I hit the start button and the program closes. I am new to this and can not get any further. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

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Re: Multiwii no response

Post by Jankoo »

Hello, i have same problem, i thik that is something with java. When i hit start button my app close too and in the file with application will create some .txt file. There are some error, and i enter this error to google and i fount this ... ent-versio
Tomorrow i try solve this problem and i write some feedback.

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Re: Multiwii no response

Post by Hamburger »

I think you need to select the com port first, then press start

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Re: Multiwii no response

Post by quadflyer8 »

Had the same problem after connecting my old MultiWii Kopters over Windows 10 or Windows 11.
The problem is: the Java installed is to new.
You need to install an older Java (had success with Java 8.202)
Then open the GUI, choose Comport, hit start, and it's working like old times :)

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Re: Multiwii no response

Post by synersignart »

just to share
for GUI the FlywiiGUI said to still works on windows 10
the Synerduino fork of the multiwii ...

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