Motors Start in high speed

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Motors Start in high speed

Post by Montana10 »

Hello, I'm working in my first Quad X , but after resolve a few issues like calibrate the ACC, my TX and all that stuff finally i can arm the Quad, The problem is when i arm it the motors start in a high velocity,
i have been changing the MINTHROTTLE, MAXTHROTTLE AND MINCOMMAND without results, the behaivor still the same, i think that is a programming issue or maybe my Tx/Rx is failing, im working with this:

My Min and Max throttle that i see in the Multiwii GUI are these:
Min= 990
Max= 1964

So, These are the parameters that i'm using in the program:

#define MINTHROTTLE 1000
#defineMAXTHROTTLE 1900
#defineMINCOMMAND 900

Turnigy 30A ESC's
Turnigy 2200KV Motors (D2826/6)
Nano-tech 3.3 li-po battery
HK-T6A V2 Tx/Rx
MultiWii 328p Flight Controller w/FTDI & DSM2 Port

I hope that someone can help me, Thanks : )

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Re: Motors Start in high speed

Post by scrat »

Set minthrottle to 1064.

Macthrottle to 1950 and mincommand to 1000. The calibrate ESC's with these settings and you're good to go.

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Re: Motors Start in high speed

Post by jmauro »

Hello all ..

I too am having this same issue .. I have completed my quad copter and when I move the throttle up I get a very high IDLE, almost to the point it start to lift off . I have tried numerous time to adjusting the min and max throttle settings with no luck . On some settings the motors become very squarely on starts . The interesting thing is if i bypass the multiwii FC and go directly to the receiver with the ESC it works perfectly . I get a very nice idle start and full range of speed.. I did try and use the config to set the ESC range and it did not help . I'm suspecting the ESC's but at this point I'll try anything .

Thoughts ??

Components :
Hobbypower 30a Brushless Speed Controller Esc
Waltzmart A2814-6 1400KV Outrunner Brushless Motor
FLYSKY9X - radio

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Re: Motors Start in high speed

Post by waltr »

Try calibrating the ESC's one at a time directly from the Receiver Throttle channel.

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Re: Motors Start in high speed

Post by gsantos_pt »

On the GUI there is an option for setting the minimum for throttle. Try to modify that value

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