Planning to build a tricopter

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Planning to build a tricopter

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I have plans to eventually build a 3 motor VTOL that converts to fly like a fixed wing aircraft. Think of something similar to a V-22 Osprey only with a 3rd engine in the rear. I have a lot of experience with Arduino, robotics, 3D printing, radio control, and electronics. Even with that, this is a pretty complex project.

I decided to break it into phases. First I will build a conventional tricopter. That will allow me to work with the flight controllers and everything else before I add the ability to transition to flying in fixed wing mode. So here is my idea for a tricopter.

I have these parts already laying around:
3 - 2830S 800KV Outrunnner motors
3 - Prop Adapters
3 - Motor mounting kits
4 - 10x5 CW props
4 - 10x5 CCW props
3 - Hobbyking 30A ESC UBEC 3A
1 - Futuba FP-T4NBF 4 channel radio (old school, but it works)
1 - Futaba FP-R127DF 7 channel receiver (matching channel to TX)
Many servos (all different sizes), connectors, Lipo battery packs, and chargers

I plan on buying these parts to get going:
Hobbyking X900 Tricopter frame
Multiwii Pro flight controller w/MTK GPS module
Turnigy 9X 9Ch Transmitter w/Module & 8ch Receiver, Mode 2, V2 firmware upgrade, backlight, Lipo TX pack

I could probably make it work with the old Futaba radio, but when I move to the next phase I'd need to upgrade the radio anyway.

The Hobbyking frame looks pretty nice and it's only $30. Does anyone have experience with that frame?

Would the Multiwii Pro and the Turnigy 9X make a good electronics setup for what I'm looking to do?

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