Building New Quad

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Building New Quad

Post by ajar »

Hi everyone,
I am new here, hope this forum's cool :P
I am looking to build a quadcopter for FPV, with not too big of a budget. ($300 - $400)
I've been looking on HobbyKing (just want to build from there, to keep things simple) and I've found some parts I'd like to start off with.
Firstly, the frame is a 450mm frame. This is the sort of size I'd like to use. The link for this is below. Will a gimbal mount be able to be mounted on this? Also, just to begin with, I'd like to be able to mount my go pro to this frame too, if it won't work, any suggestions? :P

Next, I want to use the MultiWii PRO board. I know this sounds dumb using this advanced board from the get go, but I'd like to use all the features of the board (like GPS, Compass, Barometer etc.) - which would probably cost much more if I bought a ready to go kit, right?? If there's any other suggestions, please tell me... :)

I'd like to be able to use my DSMX receiver and 3S 2200mAh batteries (used for my Blade 450 3D). What motors/ESCs do you guys suggest??
Thanks heaps :)

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Re: Building New Quad

Post by pjman »

Your links aren't working. I would probably recommend going the Naze32 over the MWPro. I tried the MWPro and just couldn't get it tuned nicely. Put the Naze on it and it was fine from the start.

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Re: Building New Quad

Post by brewski »

Hi Ajar,

I built my first quad on an even smaller budget. I bought an X525 kit on EBay for $150 which came with frame, 4 x 2212 motors, 30A HobbyPower ESCs and all hardware & wiring. The FC was only a Crius 2.5 clone wth 328P but had all sensors & I flew this for a while but I wanted full GPS (Missions etc) so spent another $50 on a Crius AIOP V2 Atmega 2560. The props & adapters were crap so forked out another $15 for quality APC composite 10 x 5.5 & matching adapters. Another $20 for Ublox Neo6M GPS module. I already had a $15 Lemon 8 channel RX so for $250 I've got a fully featured quad that will run all features of Eos Bandi MW2.3 Navi b7.

I recently added an external Mag board ($6) on CF mast out front as I could not mount FC high enough to eliminate interference from power distribution board.

Quad flies well & Alt Hold within 1.5m in light breeze. Alt Hold is not a MW strongpoint. Mine will hold within approx. .5m+/- with no breeze with a bit of tuning, but I expect that is as good as it will get with current firmware. From what I've read APM can do better than this out of the box so if stable video platform is your goal maybe you should spend the extra upfront. There is a new release of Multiwii coming (V2.4) that hopefully will improve Alt Hold to APM standards as their boards use the same sensors.

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