HK Talon.

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HK Talon.

Post by Andy7 »

Does anyone else have problems with the motor mounts / 'talons' twisting after a heavy landing? I'm forever having to adjust mine. I'm a little afraid of crushing the carbon fibre tubes with the brackets if I tighten too much.

I can always tell if one goes out of square by the crazy yaw.

Wonder if it might be worth putting a little aluminium collet inside the tube to help me to get a tighter grip.

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HK Talon.

Post by TheFernMan »

Yea it's an issue. Sold mine and went to square tube.

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Re: HK Talon.

Post by Admeister »

I have been using the talon frame for about 8 months now and, yes it is twisty. I do get the crazy yaw as well after a 'heavy landing'. I found that a drop of ca glue keeps the arms in place but then they snap during a crash. I have tried using aluminium tubes which are even worse. I still replace my arms every month or so. A pain in the rear for sure

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Re: HK Talon.

Post by cardboard »

you can add a layer of thin double sided tape to the boom before clamping the motor mounts on. It wont stop them rotating in a really big hit but it'll help with normal use.

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Re: HK Talon.

Post by o_lampe »

My Talon came with a set of grub screws to lock the motormounts. I didn't use them and they twisted every now and then. I liked it better that way, than to buy new booms all the time.
I installed a crab landing gear and now twisted motors are history
Before that I had 2 broken motormounts and 2 that were bent. Crappy aluminum quality....
Anyone else had this problem?

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Re: HK Talon.

Post by nechaus »

I don't think its the crappy aluminium... its more the design...

If you have access to a 3d printer, you can make some better motor mounts which cover more surface area on the arms..
Even on my big tarot hex, After a crash i need to double check the motor mounts to make sure they are still aligned.. 9 times out of 10 they are out..

but yeah CA is the way to go, just gets messy after some time.. you will need to remove that old CA when they do crack..

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