Naze32 - Low Cost / Heavy Duty / Low RPM - 450mm Foto Copter

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Naze32 - Low Cost / Heavy Duty / Low RPM - 450mm Foto Copter

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Based on GLB’s „Airframe Kit Super Strong Frame for QuadCopter“ ( ... kk-mk.html ).
Modified: longer metal screws M3x10mm (original too short) + many extra plastic spacers (so the FC can be mounted inside the frame), foam legs = heating pipe isulation, 2 x pinewood 6x6x75mm painted black (under the Naze32 board).
The LiPo will be on top of the frame (easy handling), the GPS receiver holders are flexible (in case of crash) .
This construction can take hard landings eg. on sloping / rough terrain; GoPro Cam is protected in the original housing.

Naze32 ( ).
ESC's: HK TGY Plush 25Ah (connectors on FC turned 180 deg = white / signal connected only) .
UBEC: HK TGY 3A w/ Noise Reduction (to FC, servo + GPS get power from FC).
Motors: HK NTM Prop Drive Series 28-30A 750kv / 140w w 11 inch props (plastic or carbon nylon) or 12" inch props cut to 11.
GPS Module u-blox NEO-6M (Crius, Rabbit …) .
Lipo: 3S 2400 mAh or 3000 mAh 40-50C (depending on copter or cam mounted yes/no), on top of the frame.
RX: DSM 9CH + satelite (TX: JR DSX9).
CAM: GoPro, no cam stab, 1 servo tilt only - horizontal to vertical (proportional).

Firmware: development version r224

Copter Test + Good Night Video with Crash ;) ->
Maiden Flight ->
t.o.w (incl. cam + lipo 3s 3000 40-50C): 1.400g
t.o.w (incl. cam + lipo 3s 3000 40-50C): 1.400g

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